Garage Door Artwork – Top 5 Artists & Styles

We see a lot of unique doors here at NJ Door Works. Doors for both businesses and homes can express the unique character of their occupants. Contrary to popular belief, a well-designed door mural can actually increase foot traffic and increase interest, especially for businesses. Here’s a brief showcase of several different garage door murals. Check them out!

This piece is whimsical and blends in with the property nicely:

airbrushed art on a garage door.

Photo credit: Túrelio

This garage in Germany works in a really great design that compliments the home architecture. Great garage art can help beautify the neighborhood and act to enhance property values. Another beautiful example:

artist painting a garage and garage door

Photo Credit: Ralf Lotys

While many associate garage door art with graffiti, garage art can add flair and personality to an already existing home.

Here are some more examples:

A fairy tale castle:


Photo Credit: Frank Vincentz

A moody cowboy piece:


Photo credit: Christof46

Garage Door Art can be a great way for businesses to communicate their brand identity and services. Services like Mural Painter NYC can provide a rotating theme per month. Garage art and murals can be a source of social media content, as discussed in this recent Business Insider article.

Instead of being eyesores, these beautiful images can make your home look terrific, or for a business, be a source of fantastic promotion, street traffic, and social media content to spread your brand.