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Accessibility – How installing a door opening system is an investment in home value and the future

We often don’t like to think about the years when we’ll be slowing down, or when we may need to take our family members into our homes. But growing trends indicate that home owners who make their homes more accessible to family members can not only increase quality of life but also increase the value of their homes. Installation of door systems and accessibility devices can greatly add long term home resale value.

The increasing trend of coming home

Reversing an earlier trend, the Pew research center indicates that adult caregivers are now leading in elderly care. Most of this care is taking place within the home. According to this article, most care takes place within the home. This makes accessibility a priority, especially since most elderly adults still drive into their elder years.

The necessity of accessibility

One of the best accessibility solutions for older and disabled family members are powered garage door systems. Combined with graded paths, accessibility ramps, remote controlled garage door openers and other means, this can give your loved one the means to maintain the freedom they are used to while keeping the safety and peace of mind that you want.

Solutions for aging drivers

Garage Door Openers, Residential Gate Systems and other powered entrance systems are ideal for older family members, along with assisted lifts, transit chairs, and other devices that can ease movement and increase safety. Most of these devices integrate with preexisting security systems and cell phone apps, giving you and your loved one peace of mind.

Designing a home accessibility plan for your loved one

A home entry solution is but one aspect of an entire accessibility plan.  A complete accessibility plan involves many considerations, but creating a space that can be accessed by your loved ones not only can reduce the chance of slips, falls and potential accidents and long term medical costs, but can also increase the long term value of your home.

Accessible homes have greater value

When it comes time to sell your home, the accessibility improvements that you’ve installed for family members will continue to pay dividends. If you continue to reside in the home yourself, maintaining these improvements will add to the health and wellbeing for your family. Should you choose to sell your home, these improvements will be attractive to older home buyers and retirees who seek a residence that already is designed with their needs in mind. Barrier free homes are entire sub sector of real estate that can offer additional value to your real estate investment.

Garage door entry systems are the first step

The first step towards an accessible home is a garage door entry system. Click here to learn more about our wide variety of safe, accessible and attractive garage doors and garage door entry systems.