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If you’re looking for an expert garage door provider near Fort Lee, NJ, you’ve come to the right place. New Jersey Door Works is a family owned and operated garage door and utility door provider, founded in 1988. We specialize in a variety commercial and residential garage doors of all shapes and size, as well as commercial services throughout New Jersey.

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Why Choose New Jersey Door Works?

Have you been scouring the local market for the finest garage door service? Well, it may be time to call an end to the hunt. At New Jersey Door Works, we’ve got you completely covered! Our team of technicians retains years of experience in the field, and places the needs of the consumer at the forefront of their priorities. With New Jersey Door Works, you stand to gain the absolute finest in garage door installation and repairs. It’s really that simple!

Garage Door Repair in Fort Lee, NJ

garage door repair fort lee njHas that antiquated garage door of yours seen better days? With the help of our team, you may still be able to salvage your current door. All of our crew members have been trained in the most innovative repair techniques, and can remedy most forms of damage. No matter the state of your current product, allow one of our crew members to stop by and assess the situation. We’ll be able to design a plan of action which will best suit your needs.

Garage Door Openers in Fort Lee, NJ

garage door openers fort lee njIf you’ve gotten sick of struggling with that faulty garage door opener of yours, it may be time for an upgrade. Simply speak with one of our friendly company representatives the next chance you get, and gain access to a wide array of innovative openers. When you make your final selection, we’ll even install your new garage door opener within your home. Our installation service truly ranks second to none!

Fort Lee NJ Garage Door Service

The borough of Fort Lee retains an illustrious history, and takes great pride in its connection to the past. In fact, Fort Lee was once considered to be the motion picture capital of the entire US! After Thomas Edison constructed the very first motion picture studio in West Orange, New Jersey, Fort Lee saw an influx of movie studios being constructed within the limits of town. While most movie studios have since moved westward, Fort Lee continues to be a lovely location for locals to reside.

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