PM Services

Fire Door Testing

It’s the Law:

“Horizontal or vertical sliding and rolling fire doors shall be inspected at least annually by the owner to check for proper operation and full closure. Resetting of the release mechanism shall be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s written instructions. A written record of the results of the inspection and testing shall be maintained and made available to the fire official.”– NFPA-80

Call New Jersey Door Works today for fast, responsive service and cost-effective testing of all your facility’s fire door systems. We handle all types of fire doors: rolling steel fire doors, hollow metal fire doors, fire shutters, sliding fire doors

Cost Effective Fire Door Testing
Avoid Fines and Penalties
Lower the Risk of Potential Liabilities

PM Programs

Safety is a Priority

Poorly maintained equipment can become a safety hazard and a liability to your business. Let us make certain that your equipment operates safely and efficiently for years to come.

Knowledgeable Technicians

New Jersey Door Works technicians know your equipment inside and out. They are some of the best trained technicians in the country with the correct tools and knowledge to ensure your equipment is maintained properly.

Comprehensive Inspection

New Jersey Door Works periodic maintenance programs are amongst the industry’s most inclusive programs. Small problems will not be overlooked, making sure big problems are less likely to occur.

Replacement Parts Availability

New Jersey Door Works representatives are known for their quick response when providing replacement parts.

Let Us Create a Customized PM Program for You.

Use Us for PM Programs on:

  • All your Facilities’ Doors and Door Operators
  • Gates and Gate Operators
  • Loading Dock Equipment