Four-Fold Doors

four-fold doors


New Jersey Door Work’s Four-Fold Door Systems offer an unparalleled combination of long service life and low maintenance while providing high speed and high cycle operation.

Four-Fold Doors are Ideal For:

Fire Stations Grain Elevators
Police Stations Mass Transit Facilities
Detention Centers Applications that require door systems designed to meet stringent operational requirements
Parking Facilities

Four-Fold doors are designed in standardized sizes and can also be customized for large openings and unique applications. The four-fold door panels fold completely clear of the opening and are visible by drivers during their entire operation, thereby eliminating costly damage to both the doors and vehicles.

Four-Fold Door Advantages

           DURABILITY            SAFETY & SECURITY
  • 14-gauge sheeting vertically formed around fully welded structural steel tube frames conceals welds, provides a clean finish and adds the strength to resist high wind-loads and forced entry.
  • Heavy-duty dual shear hinges with fully concealed thrust bearings and non-removable pins are designed for strength and security.
  • Full perimeter sealing keeps
    the weather out, extends product life, conserves energy and increases comfort.
  • A variety of standard and custom grills and louvers permit airflow and maintain security.
  • Electric Safety Edges designed for multi-directional contact are effective during the full travel of the door providing safety for both vehicles
    and pedestrians.
  • Electro-mechanical and Hydraulic operator options are all designed for high cycle, low maintenance operation and security.
  • Sally-port/security F-Series doors include tamper-proof fasteners and heavy-duty operator enclosures for maximum protection.
           PERFORMANCE            SELECTION
  • Door panels are manufactured 2 inches thick minimum and can utilize a variety of materials for maximum insulation and environmental resistance.
  • The self-diagnostic DE-LoC programmable controller accepts a wide variety of inputs including card readers, remote controls and presence detectors making it very versatile.
  • Doors are designed to clear openings at 2 feet per second, minimizing downtime and saving energy.
  • Doors can be outfitted with an unlimited variety of vision lite sizes and glass types to
    complement your facility.
  • Doors can be sheeted with
    stainless steel or armor plating and can be designed to receive wood or other paneling for custom requirements