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3 Tips for Mastering Your Liftmaster Remote

Learn how to get the most out of your LiftMaster remote with these easy tips!

Liftmaster Remote


LiftMaster systems are a lifesaver to many of you who own powered garage door systems and other residential access control systems. Using a LiftMaster remote can enable you to open and close your garage door from the ease and comfort of your car. This is especially important for those of us who have mobility issues. However, keeping the remote up to date can be tough. Here are a few tips can help you keep your LiftMaster remote working great for years to come.

Techniques to master your LiftMaster Remote

LiftMaster remotes come in several models, depending on the make of your operator (garage door system). However, every LiftMaster system that uses a remote should have a learn button. The learn button is usually located on the same side that the antenna is located on, and may be green, orange, yellow, red or purple with a small LED next to it. In the case of an operator with a MyQ control panel, lift the push bar and locate the learn button.

First, make sure that the remote itself is undamaged and that you have fresh batteries.

Then, you’ll need to hold down the desired button for 30 seconds, with the operator lights blinking indicating that programming was successfully completed.

At this point, press the remote control button to try it with your operator. At this point the remote should be functioning properly.

LiftMaster MyQ Phone App:

It’s important to know that not all LiftMaster operators will work with the MyQ phone app. Your operator will need to be upgraded with the LiftMaster MyQ Upgrade Package if it’s not already MyQ compatible. Generally, an operator with the MyQ logo should be MyQ compatible.

You’ll need to download the MyQ app from the Google Play or Apple store, and follow the prompts. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet with strong reception. You’ll need to set up an account at The setup is a fairly involved process – full details can be found here. Make sure that you have available passwords for your local home wireless network.

Other important notes:

It’s important to note that replacement remotes purchased for rental developments may not work in rental complexes, as the garage door operators may be commercial systems that function under different protocols than residential systems. Check with your maintenance staff or superintendent if you rent or live in a development before looking into replacing or reprogramming your remote.

Reach out to us if you need help with your LiftMaster systems. We’re experts in LiftMaster products, and we’d be happy to talk to you!

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4 Easy Steps for Weatherproofing Your Garage

You spend thousands of dollars a year heating your home. However, one of the culprits responsible for the ever escalating heating bills you receive may be your garage. Most garage ceilings are not finished structures. This means that the typical garage is as well insulated as your average shed. This usually makes them horribly cold during the winter. However, since a garage is what you use to cover and protect your vehicle, you will be going in and out of it every day. This is a big problem. At New Jersey Door Works, we get questions about this all the time.

For most people, finishing their entire garage is not the economical option. However, there are a number of things you can do to reduce insulate the space, while still keeping the area carbon monoxide and fire safe and reducing your heating bills

1. Weatherproof all entry doors

Most garages are entered in from the home by a kitchen door or some other entry way. Making sure that this entry is properly weather sealed with rubber strips that provide air tight seals will make sure warm air does not escape during winter time and that cool air does not escape during the summer. Various providers can fit your door with the appropriate weather stripping and sealing that can make your garage door entry weather tight.

2. Insulate the garage ceiling

While entirely finishing the garage may be economically prohibitive, at minimum a finished room over garage should be looked at. This is a partition between the garage roof and the garage ceiling that creates an insulating layer of air.  The Energy Auditing Blog has an excellent article on caulking and air sealing such a space. While this can be an involved project, the savings in heating costs over years will make the effort worth it.

3. Insulating garage walls

This can also be worth it, especially if you have a garage workshop. Much of the same work as a FROG goes into insulating a garage wall. This work needs to be carefully done if you’re doing it on your own due to carbon monoxide concerns, making sure that the work space is well ventilated. Fire safety rules should also be strenuously followed whenever performing a home construction projection.

4. Inspect your garage door and garage door opener system

Even through a roll up garage door by definition cannot be entirely weather sealed, a well-cared for garage door holds out the elements and lowers energy costs. The garage door itself can be weather stripped and most effects of drafts and inclement weather can be held out by a good garage door system. Further, annual garage door inspections can increase safety for your home and security you’re your vehicle, as well as reduce energy costs.

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Garage Door Artwork – Top 5 Artists & Styles

We see a lot of unique doors here at NJ Door Works. Doors for both businesses and homes can express the unique character of their occupants. Contrary to popular belief, a well-designed door mural can actually increase foot traffic and increase interest, especially for businesses. Here’s a brief showcase of several different garage door murals. Check them out!

This piece is whimsical and blends in with the property nicely:

airbrushed art on a garage door.

Photo credit: Túrelio

This garage in Germany works in a really great design that compliments the home architecture. Great garage art can help beautify the neighborhood and act to enhance property values. Another beautiful example:

artist painting a garage and garage door

Photo Credit: Ralf Lotys

While many associate garage door art with graffiti, garage art can add flair and personality to an already existing home.

Here are some more examples:

A fairy tale castle:


Photo Credit: Frank Vincentz

A moody cowboy piece:


Photo credit: Christof46

Garage Door Art can be a great way for businesses to communicate their brand identity and services. Services like Mural Painter NYC can provide a rotating theme per month. Garage art and murals can be a source of social media content, as discussed in this recent Business Insider article.

Instead of being eyesores, these beautiful images can make your home look terrific, or for a business, be a source of fantastic promotion, street traffic, and social media content to spread your brand.

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Garage Door Safety – It’s More Important Than You Think

small and large composite carriage house doors installed by New Jersey Door Works

A surprising number of people are injured by garage doors. Don’t be one of them.

Garage door safety might seem like a silly thing to worry about, but garage doors are surprisingly complex devices that can be quite dangerous if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

Here are some stats from a 2007 garage door safety study ( that should give you pause if you don’t believe us:

  • 13,325 people were injured by garage doors in 2007.
  • 7557 people were injured when fingers were pinched or crushed between section joints (some people’s fingers were broken, dislocated, and even amputated).
  • 2012 people were injured by falling doors.
  • 1610 people were injured trying to do DIY repairs.
  • 805 people were cut on sharp edges.
  • 313 people suffered lacerations from garage window glass.
  • 313 people were injured by garage door springs.
  • 224 people were injured by doors that needed repairs.
  • 179 people were injured when they were somehow trapped by the door.
  • 134 people were injured when they tried to race under the door before it closed.
  • 89 children were injured trying to ride the door.

That’s quite a lot of garage door-related injuries. Probably more than you were expecting!

So here are some tips for how to keep yourself and your family safe around your garage door.

1. Inspect your garage door regularly for signs of wear and tear.

Think about how many times you and your loved ones open and close your garage door every day. It’s probably not something that you think about often. You just push the button to make it go up, push the button to make it go down, and forget about it. But again, really think about how many times that happens per day. When you go to work. When you go to school. When you run an errand. When you have an emergency. When you come back home for the day. When you need to get out the lawnmower. Almost every time leave your home, you have to open and close your garage door.

All of that use means that your garage door gets plenty of wear and tear. So it’s important that you schedule regular maintenance to ensure that your garage door stays up-to-date and fully functional. Check your garage door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and other door hardware at least once a month for signs of wear and tear. The springs and cables that are especially susceptible to wear and tear, so make sure they’re lubricated periodically and kept in good working condition.

And if you hear odd noises or notice a change in how smoothly your door is operating, DO NOT IGNORE THEM. The last thing you want is for your garage door to fail when your car – or worse, you – are underneath it.

2. Leave garage door repairs to the pros.

Remember that statistic about DIY repair injuries? Here it is again: in 2007, 1610 people hurt themselves trying to repair their own garage doors.

It can be tempting to try to save a few dollars by repairing your garage door yourself, but trust us, the money you save by doing it yourself is nothing compared to the medical bills you could face if your DIY repair goes awry.

So if something on your garage door needs fixing, call us. We’ve been repairing garage doors all day, every day since 1988, so we have the experience and knowledge necessary to do your repairs right and make sure you and your family stay safe.

3. Your garage door is a complex piece of machinery. Treat it with respect.

Your garage door is not a toy. It is a complex piece of machinery, and it should be treated with the same respect as your car, your stove, your power tools, or any other household convenience that could be dangerous if used improperly.

Some basic safety tips:

  • Do not let your children play on or around the garage door.
  • Do not try to go under your garage door before it closes.
  • Stand clear of the garage door and all of its moving components when it is opening or closing.
  • Keep your hands clear of moving garage door components when it is opening or closing.
  • If you must touch your garage door’s track or another one of its metal edges, use protective gloves.
  • Use the proper protection when cleaning up broken garage door glass.
  • Schedule regular maintenance to keep your garage door in peak operating condition.
  • Schedule needed repairs promptly to avoid injuries caused by a malfunctioning door.

Need garage door repairs? Call New Jersey Door Works now!

If you need garage door repairs, don’t put them off. Call New Jersey Door Works today.
24-hour emergency service available! 908-624-1234

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8 Steps for Planning the Perfect Tailgate

Group Of Male Sports Fans Tailgating In Stadium Car ParkHere at New Jersey Door Works, we’re usually talking about stuff like home values, accessibility, safety, and of course, garage doors. But one use that isn’t usually discussed for your driveway and garage – a place to have a safe and fun cookout and tailgate!

You don’t need end zone tickets for the perfect football party. Your garage, if well prepared, can be host to the best football party of the season.

Its summertime right now, preseason is now underway for most NFL teams and in a few short weeks it will be football season. Here are some tips for hosting a terrific tailgate party in your own driveway, just follow these easy steps.
• Clean your garage! Make sure that you have the TV front and center, enough chairs set up, the food tables set up in easy to access areas, and all hazardous materials safely put away.

• Contact the local authorities, such as your town and the local police. Make sure they know when and for how long your tailgate is. Pre planning these events will ensure that everything goes smoothly, avoid any of those unforeseen Sunday headaches and leave lots of time for some football, food, family and friends!

• Plan the food! Make sure that the grills are fired up (in fire safe areas) for those hamburgers and hotdogs. That the macaroni salads, salads, chips and salsa and pretzels are ready to go. Don’t forget the plates, utensils, cups and napkins, as it would be kind of hard to enjoy a meal without them!

• Inspect your garage door. This is a great time to do a top to bottom inspection of garage door to make sure that it is working properly. You can reach out to us with any questions, we’re happy to help.

• Safety first – in case the unthinkable happens, make sure that your guests can evacuate your home. tra

• Keep it fun, but be respectful – make sure that noise levels do not bother your neighbors, especially after dark.

• Parking – make sure you have enough parking. This is a tailgate!

• Watch Football & Party responsibly. Call cabs or get Ubers for those that may have had a more than a few, they will thank you on Monday.

If you follow these steps, your tailgate will be a smash hit, maybe even a touchdown! As football season comes up, we’d love to hear your stories, use hashtag #NJDWtailgate on your social media posts pertaining to this article! As always, we here at New Jersey Door Works are happy to help you with any aspect of your residential garage door systems, give us a call today!


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Garage Door Systems and Accessibility

Garage Door Systems

Accessibility – How installing a door opening system is an investment in home value and the future

We often don’t like to think about the years when we’ll be slowing down, or when we may need to take our family members into our homes. But growing trends indicate that home owners who make their homes more accessible to family members can not only increase quality of life but also increase the value of their homes. Installation of door systems and accessibility devices can greatly add long term home resale value.

The increasing trend of coming home

Reversing an earlier trend, the Pew research center indicates that adult caregivers are now leading in elderly care. Most of this care is taking place within the home. According to this article, most care takes place within the home. This makes accessibility a priority, especially since most elderly adults still drive into their elder years.

The necessity of accessibility

One of the best accessibility solutions for older and disabled family members are powered garage door systems. Combined with graded paths, accessibility ramps, remote controlled garage door openers and other means, this can give your loved one the means to maintain the freedom they are used to while keeping the safety and peace of mind that you want.

Solutions for aging drivers

Garage Door Openers, Residential Gate Systems and other powered entrance systems are ideal for older family members, along with assisted lifts, transit chairs, and other devices that can ease movement and increase safety. Most of these devices integrate with preexisting security systems and cell phone apps, giving you and your loved one peace of mind.

Designing a home accessibility plan for your loved one

A home entry solution is but one aspect of an entire accessibility plan.  A complete accessibility plan involves many considerations, but creating a space that can be accessed by your loved ones not only can reduce the chance of slips, falls and potential accidents and long term medical costs, but can also increase the long term value of your home.

Accessible homes have greater value

When it comes time to sell your home, the accessibility improvements that you’ve installed for family members will continue to pay dividends. If you continue to reside in the home yourself, maintaining these improvements will add to the health and wellbeing for your family. Should you choose to sell your home, these improvements will be attractive to older home buyers and retirees who seek a residence that already is designed with their needs in mind. Barrier free homes are entire sub sector of real estate that can offer additional value to your real estate investment.

Garage door entry systems are the first step

The first step towards an accessible home is a garage door entry system. Click here to learn more about our wide variety of safe, accessible and attractive garage doors and garage door entry systems.

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