Garage Doors & More – About Us

Who are we?

New Jersey Door Works is Northern and Central New Jersey’s most successful garage door company. And there’s good reason for that. Since 1988 we have have been satisfying customers wherever we go – on small repair jobs, on complex installations, from High Point to the Jersey Shore. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing for every customer – the 1st time and every time.

Why use us?

With so many door companies, it may be difficult to decide who to use. We’ve learned that customers want to know that they’re getting the right equipment at the right price – and they want their systems to be reliable and durable. Here are just a few reasons why we’re the right company to do your job:

Selection – New Jersey Door Works carries all the major brands as well as products from over 20 smaller “boutique” type companies. Compare that to the big-box stores who each carry only one brand! New Jersey Door Works is a one-stop-shop, where you’ll get the door that’s just right for you and your home.

Expertise – Doors are all we do. So in every phase of the job – from helping you choose a door to installing it neatly, safely and dependably – you can count on us to get it right. No company in the area has more combined experience than New Jersey Door Works.

Value – As they say, quality doesn’t cost – it pays. New Jersey Door Works was built upon a philosophy of fair prices for extraordinary workmanship. If you rely on your garage door more than your front door, or if you just need it to work when you need it to work, call us today to have it done right – at a price that’s right.

Our History

New Jersey Door Works was founded in 1988 by Mike Serillo. Having started as a helper for his father before he was old enough to drive, Mike quickly learned the trade and bought his own truck as soon as he was able to. Still working for his father, and gaining repect for the quality of his work from many larger well-established door companies, Mike’s own business grew.

The entrepreneurial spirit in Mike was as strong then as it is today. He built the company from the ground up – from a single truck in 1988 to over twenty skilled and highly trained service crews today.

We at New Jersey Door Works credit Mike’s boundless energy, his work ethic, his care for his staff, as well as his continual reinvestment in New Jersey Door Works as the reason for our success. The company is a positive, fun and challenging place to work that attracts the best, brightest and most skilled talent in the door industry today. That’s why we’re New Jersey’s most successful, most sought after, and most respected garage door company. And why we’ll continue to be so for many years to come.